Painful Shopping Trip 2/25/17

Robbie is doing so well that I didn’t think about how weak he is and how much effort it takes to walk. I took him shopping at the mall today, because I wasn’t certain of his size anymore and I wanted to buy him some new clothes. His leg gave out fairly quickly and after dragging him to a few stores, we realized that he is still too thin to buy clothes off the rack.
28  or 29 by 32 is impossible to find!

I would post pictures from our exciting shopping trip, but he wasn’t smiling! They look like I was torturing him!

One week until we go back to MD Anderson for his next check up. Our anxiety level is high!

Have a wonderful week ❤

Relaxing Sunday


We are having a relaxing Sunday. Lynn came for a brief visit. 
This week Robbie started putting weights on his bad leg a few times a day trying to straighten it out more. It continues to be bent. 
He lost his cane for a couple weeks and has been using his crutch. I finally gave up on finding it and ordered another one off Amazon. A couple hours later he found it. 
Have a great week!

Beautiful Day 2/11/17

Robbie walking on the trail. 
Getting his camera ready for pictures. 

Today Robbie and I enjoyed the beautiful weather and went hiking. After being cold all week and wearing sweaters, the 90 degree day felt great! Robbie had fun getting out his camera and hiking. His leg started out strong, but after an hour or more of hiking, his leg started hurting, so we left the park and went to Sonic. 

A Year Ago…The Decision to Move to Houston for Robbie’s Treatment2/1/17

Robbie 2-1-17
Robbie 2-1-16

A year ago today, we were back from Houston after being there a month for his leg surgery.  Robbie’s doctors expected his blood work to be back to normal, but instead his blood work kept going down. After our doctor and MD Anderson doctors consulted with each other, they told us that they feared that Robbie might also have Leukemia. Thankfully the tests came back negative, but it took a couple weeks.

We made the decision to move to Houston for as long as Robbie needed treatment. Our car couldn’t fit his wheelchair and equipment, so we bought a used van and headed south as soon as we could. We ended up renting an unfurnished apartment, after finding all temporary housing filled due to the Houston Rodeo coming to town. 

This year we celebrate as Robbie continues to be in remission and is getting stronger each week. He is fighting hard to get his leg working again and he gets along well with his cane. We go back for his next check up in March.

Thank you for all your support!