Walking with a Cane 1/24/17

Robbie can walk with a cane now. Here is a picture of him leaving the gym today. We got his hearing aids fixed. A couple small pieces broke off and were in his ear canal. I also took him to the ENT and he removed wax blocking his hearing.

1/22/17 Weekly Update

A picture of Robbie and Lynn today. She stopped through briefly.Robbie made it to the gym 6 out of 7 days this week. He continues to work hard on his leg. He also keeps busy working for Navico each day from 8-12. His hearing aids have been acting up. He took them in last week,…

At the Gym 1/14/17

Today a man came up to Robbie and told him …that he is his inspiration for working out at the gym. Very sweet! Here is a picture of Robbie on the treadmill for the first time. He started on the stationary bike that has pedals that hold his feet to keep his leg from falling…

Snow Day! 1/6/17

We have snow!! It is rare to get snow in Oklahoma City and if we get a little, they call off school. We got two inches. It has been couple years since we had a snow day. We went out briefly to check it out. I was too afraid of Robbie falling to go far….

Fresh Start January 1, 2017

Robbie and I are working together to get his leg functioning again. Our current record is 7 days straight to the gym. When the weather gets colder, it will be a challenge to leave our comfy house, so I hope we can keep this up. Here is to a healthier year for all of us.