1/22/17 Weekly Update

A picture of Robbie and Lynn today. She stopped through briefly.
Robbie made it to the gym 6 out of 7 days this week. He continues to work hard on his leg. He also keeps busy working for Navico each day from 8-12. His hearing aids have been acting up. He took them in last week, but one of them is still not working.

At the Gym 1/14/17

Today a man came up to Robbie and told him …that he is his inspiration for working out at the gym. Very sweet!

Here is a picture of Robbie on the treadmill for the first time. He started on the stationary bike that has pedals that hold his feet to keep his leg from falling off. He normally goes for awhile on the elliptical too. We continue to go everyday to try to get his leg working again. I promised him that if he will go, that I will go with him and workout too. We started the day after Christmas. Before that we were only going a couple days a week in addition to PT.

He is already seeing a difference. He can wiggle his toes more and has some feeling coming back in his heel. Most his lower leg is still numb, but little steps towards improvement. He is also walking better. His leg is still bent, but hopfully working out frequently will help his leg to straighten out.

Facebook Reminders 1-8-17

Pictures from 1-8-16. They were taken at MD Anderson while he was still in the hospital. He ended being in the hospital for two weeks after his leg surgery. 
When I open Facebook, I’m often reminded of what I posted a year ago. Although it is easy to get discouraged with Robbie’s leg and we wish for more progress, seeing pictures from a year ago really show the remarkable progress. Robbie has gone from being mostly in a wheelchair for months, to using the walker for a few months, to using crutches. He continues to fight hard to get his leg back. We will see his doctors again in March at MD Anderson. 

Snow Day! 1/6/17

We have snow!! It is rare to get snow in Oklahoma City and if we get a little, they call off school. We got two inches. It has been couple years since we had a snow day. We went out briefly to check it out. I was too afraid of Robbie falling to go far. He has on a sloth hat that a friend made for him.  This is what I miss in the winter in Wisconsin.