Happy New Year 2017

Leaping into 2017 with hopes for better health, along with peace and healing for friends still sick or grieving. We pray that Robbie continues to stay in remission.

You have made a difference in our lives.

Here is Robbie’s video that I posted before that shows many pictures from the past year.
Happy New Year!

One Year After Leg Surgery 12/29/16

Robbie today after PT. 
We are so proud of how hard he has worked to come this far! We are looking forward to 2017 and pray for good health to continue. 

A year ago Robbie had limb sparing surgery on his right leg. They removed the bone cancer, his knee, most of his tibia, and part of his femur and replaced the bones with titanium. The two teams of surgeons took him at 9:00AM. Dr Lin’s team had him most of the day and then they passed him onto the plastic surgeon team to do skin graphs and close the long incision.  It was 8:00pm when the doctors finished 

Shopping with Robbie 12/11/16

Robbie and I went to the mall today. His leg got a good workout after an hour walking around. Of course you are never to old to stop and play at the Lego store. Then we came back home to shop our favorite way…online.  

Updates: PT is going well and so far he goes 2 times a week, until they can make room on their schedule. He is also going to the gym 2 or 3 times a week to keep working on strengthening his leg. He has talked me into joining him. He is working hard, but his leg continues to be bent and doesn’t want to straighten out for him. I’m impressed with the way that he continues to fight and doesn’t give up.

Thank you! 12-5-16

With the holiday season fast approaching, I want to take the time to thank the many people that have helped us the past year.

We experienced the kindest, most caring, most compassionate, most helpful….friends, family, medical staff, and even strangers. I wish I could write you each individually to let you know the huge impact you have had on our lives. We are blessed and touched by your thoughtfulness and support.

Happy Holidays!
The Mudroch Family

Finally PT Again! 12-3-16

He is so much healthier than a year ago!
After weeks of phone calls…requests to have doctors fax them from MD Anderson…. our local doctors and local PT sending faxes…more phone calls..finally PT is approved again!!  Our insurance even called me to see if Robbie had an accident and wondered if is workman’s comp??? I said..he has cancer!! Seriously, isn’t that obvious! This took three months and caused Robbie’s leg to be less flexible and he has lost three months of progress. 
PT has started locally once again.