Houston Zoo 11/22/16

We took a break from doctor appointments and spent a couple hours at the Houston Zoo. The sloths were sleeping as usual. Robbie can walk with his crutch a lot further than our last trip, but still became very tired when his leg started hurting. Overall it was a great trip. 

6 Months in Remission!

Robbie’s leg X-rays are good and his lungs are clear. Robbie continues to be in remission!!!!
Dr Lin our orthopedic surgeon wants to wait another three months with PT to see if that will help straighten his leg more before surgery. Next leg surgery if needed will be major with more risks, so Dr Lin doesn’t want to rush into it. Trying to get a new leg brace and fighting insurance over more PT.  
We are so Thankful!!!!!

Robbie’s Christmas Wish 11/14/16

I asked Robbie what he wants for Christmas. He said that all he wants is for MD Anderson to say that he is still cancer free! This is my Christmas wish too!
A week from today we travel back to Houston for Robbie’s 3 month check up at MD Anderson. We are praying for good results. There is always the fear that they will find cancer again, which causes high anxiety leading up to the appointments. 
We will also meet with the orthopedic surgeon to see if more surgery will be needed on his leg and to check his foot. Lynn is coming along because Jim can’t take time off work. They were great to allow him to work remotely while we stayed in Houston, so we can’t complain. 
Robbie looks great and his part time job is going well. 

Heart Checkup 11/9/16

Robbie went to his heart doctor this week for his yearly checkup. He has Marfan Syndrome, so his doctor checks his aorta each year and measures the size of his aorta root and heart function. The good news is that his aorta stayed the same size. The bad news is that the strong chemo drugs did cause some heart damage. The ejection fraction has gone from high normal to low normal. 

In the big picture we realize that the side effects from chemo are better than cancer, but still Robbie and I were disappointed to hear this. 

A Year Ago ….The ER trips Started 11/1/16

 A year ago we were at the ER with Robbie. The start of many trips to the hospital. His blood counts kept dropping dangerously low, which was very scary. I still get emotional seeing this picture. He was too weak to walk. He stayed a few days in the hospital getting blood transfusions and platelets.

Today with Jim and getting stronger each week. So thankful that he is in remission.