What Would Margaret do? 10/21/16

My mother’s name was Margaret, so when I told my sisters that I was fighting our insurance, they had good advice for me. What Would Margaret Do? You have to know my mother to understand this. She was 100% German and was able to get her way with persistence. She also had many great expressions that our children called…”grandmaisms”… 

I spent the day making phone calls, following up with people, and pushing for Robbie to be able to continue physical therapy. I talked with several people with United Health care, MD Anderson, and our PT.  Everyone has instructions from me on what they need to get together. One person got her instructions in person today, since she didn’t call me back all day.

It is pretty obvious that Robbie doesn’t have a usable leg yet. The problem is time and every week we wait, his leg gets worse and it isn’t something that can easily be fixed. I also called all the hearing aid people again.

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