Hearing Aid Saga 9/27/16

We purchased hearing aids for Robbie almost two months ago with the promise of refunding us when they got the insurance payment. Instead they have no recall of making the claim…no record that our insurance has already paid them(we can see online that they were paid the amount covered) and they keep telling us to call billing or call this place or that place.  No one has a clue or cares. I’m not a big drama person, but they did get a sad story from me today and I told them that I was done trying to work with them.

The hearing aids have been returned with the promise of a refund in 24 hrs. I hate that I had to take Robbie’s hearing aids away! Idiots! 

I’ve contacted Hearts for Hearing and will bring Robbie there instead. They really care about helping Robbie, so hopefully we don’t have to wait long for the new hearing aids to be ordered.

New Doctor Visit 9/26/16


Robbie relaxing at the Stephenson Cancer center as we wait to meet his new doctor. The good news is that we have finally found a local orthopedic cancer doctor and he will work with MD Anderson to help Robbie. He thinks the swelling in his foot is due to poor circulation from his leg surgery and an infection in his foot. My other concern is Robbie’s leg contracture, which keeps him from being able to straighten his leg for walking. The doctor told us the location of his original tumor on his tibia is one of the more difficult locations in the leg for surgery and recovery. He said Robbie’s recovery is still fairly recent. For now, continue using the leg brace and physical therapy. I’m so thankful to finally have a local specialist. 

Orthopedic Doctor Hunt

I posted a few weeks ago that we were looking for an orthopedic doctor in Oklahoma for Robbie. After being turned down multiple times, we finally found someone (fingers crossed) that was willing to make an appointment. 
Our family doc has referred a few of Dr’s  that turned us down. This morning one of them called ready to make an appointment and then when I mentioned cancer…suddenly they were unable to do what they claimed they could do moments before. This receptionist was so rude. She said they would need all his records and then decide if the dr could see him. No thanks!

Robbie has an appointment with Dr J. White. I admit I didn’t mention this time about his leg surgeries or cancer. The receptionist asked if I was concerned about his tibia and I said yes! They plan to xray it. At this point if another xray will allow us to have an appointment, I am going to allow it. I think they might notice when we arrive that the case is a little more complicated. I’ve read about the doctor and I know he is a good match. He performs the leg surgery that Robbie had in Houston. 

He is an orthopedic cancer doctor. There are only two in the state. The other one did Robbie’s biopsy. She is very good, but I have bad memories there and I diagnosed her with autism. I want to help her everytime we meet. 

Another Painful Fracture 9/11/16

Robbie has a fracture in a couple places and an infection in his right foot. He hurt it Friday morning at the cemetery. We walked on uneven ground and somehow he hurt his foot. 

This picture is of Robbie’s great grandparents located at Holy Cross cemetery in Milwaukee. His grandfather was buried on Friday. We arrived home late last night. 

Robbie quote….He was sitting with bare feet. The nurse asked him which foot is hurt. Robbie laughed and said…is this a test to see if I know my right from my left.