Robbie is going back to work! 8/22/16

Good News: Robbie was offered a three month trial position with Navico, where he was an intern all through college. He will be able to work remotely part time. We are thankful for this opportunity for Robbie and he is very excited to start back to work! He will be doing computer programming. 

Robbie Updates: Robbie is getting stronger each week. He started with a new physical therapist today. Sadly the person he has been working with moved to a new job. He told Robbie that he was going where sloths are appreciated. Haha

More Sloths: Robbie got a cute sloth puzzle today in the mail. Thank you!

Slow Blog Posts: I’ve returned to work full time and have been at school everyday since we got back from Houston. It is wonderful to see everyone again. My sweet students from last year, have been running up to me with excitement. I only had them for a week last year before I took off for Robbie. Centennial is a wonderful place to teach!

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