Wisconsin 7/31/16

We enjoyed a fun day at the Riechers Family reunion at my counsin’s farm in Wisconsin. Beautiful location! First reunion without my mother. It was a gathering of her family. Only one of her siblings is still living. 

We went to First English Lutheran Church this morning. We got to see some of my mother’s friends and long time family friends. They have all been praying for Robbie. It still seems like my mother should be here. 

I took Robbie to see the First State Capitol in Belmont, WI. 

Of course we had to visit the Big M. It stands for the old mining school. We didn’t attempt climbing it with Robbie on crutches. 

We drove by the old family farm. The family that bought the farm from my parents are so nice. We didn’t stop today because I didn’t want to bother them on a Sunday. 

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