Relaxing Sunday 8/28/16

Robbie is having a relaxing Sunday. He has been reading and playing on his computer.
My day has been focused on getting ready for my little students this week. My youngest are in Kindergarten, which is still one of my favorite grades to teach. I’m also trying to calm down from the past year, which will take time. 

It has been a Year 8/26/16

First…some pictures from May 2015….three months before we found out that Robbie was sick with cancer. We were in Costa Rica for our daughter’s wedding. Fun family pictures and of course a sloth. The water came rolling in while I was taking pictures of Lynn & Robbie. She picked him up to be silly.

                     Jim & Robbie

This first sloth we saw in Manuel Antonio National Park.

Manuel Antonio

               My sister Terry & Robbie.

Lynn & Ruth

A year ago today, we took Robbie for a 2nd opinion. The first orthopedic specialist told us not to worry. I hoped to hear the same thing and then rush back to school for parent night. 
Instead an orthopedic specialist that we hadn’t met before, walked into the exam room, while he was on his cell phone with an oncologist.  He flipped Robbie’s x-ray onto a large screen while he continued on his phone. It was obvious that Robbie had a huge tumor on his knee. Jim was minutes away, but hadn’t made it to our room yet. The doctor’s first words were…your son probably has osteosarcoma and I’m on the phone with an oncologist. Jim walked into the room as the doctor walked back out still on his phone. When he came back in the room, he asked if we had any questions, which we didn’t because we were all in shock. 
One of my friends wisely advised me to not attend parent night and later she talked me out of returning to school the next day. I honestly couldn’t think or make any decisions. 
We are grateful for the outpouring of love and support the past year. We pray that he continues to heal and stay in remission.


Robbie is going back to work! 8/22/16

Good News: Robbie was offered a three month trial position with Navico, where he was an intern all through college. He will be able to work remotely part time. We are thankful for this opportunity for Robbie and he is very excited to start back to work! He will be doing computer programming. 

Robbie Updates: Robbie is getting stronger each week. He started with a new physical therapist today. Sadly the person he has been working with moved to a new job. He told Robbie that he was going where sloths are appreciated. Haha

More Sloths: Robbie got a cute sloth puzzle today in the mail. Thank you!

Slow Blog Posts: I’ve returned to work full time and have been at school everyday since we got back from Houston. It is wonderful to see everyone again. My sweet students from last year, have been running up to me with excitement. I only had them for a week last year before I took off for Robbie. Centennial is a wonderful place to teach!

Back to Centennial Elementary 8/17/16

I started back to teaching after being out last year for Robbie. I had a hard time leaving him today. He still needs a lot of help and he will have multiple doctor appointments this year. 
I’m teaching K-3 special education this year. I look forward to meeting my students. 
I’m so thankful to the staff at Centennial. Many of them donated sick days last year while I was out for Robbie. I can’t thank them enough. 

Trip Home 8/16/16

We stopped at the Dallas Zoo for a couple hours on the way home today. Luckily our Houston Zoo pass lets us into zoos across the country for half price or free. The kids want to go back when we can stay longer. 

Tomorrow, I start back to work full time. I’m very nervous about going back to teaching after being off for a year with Robbie. 

Monday at MD Anderson 8/15/16

We spent another day at MD Anderson. The staff was happy to see Robbie and he got hugs from his nurses. They are so sweet! Today he went to see his orthopedic surgeon. 
Dr Lin said Robbie will probably need the more risky leg surgery to help his leg to straighten out, but he wants to give him more time to heal first and see how much PT helps. There is a lot of scar tissue that is causing his leg to want to bend.  The prosthetic knee and tibia look good on the X-rays. He will go back in November.