Thank You For Your Support: Shutting Down Gofundme 7/1/16

Thank you for everyone that donated or sent money. Our friend closed gofundme down. Everything that was donated went towards Robbie’s medical expenses. We tried to send cards to everyone, but we had a few people that we didn’t have an address. Just know that everyone is appreciated. 
There really isn’t a way to thank everyone for all their support the past year. Prayers, cards, texts, phone calls, donated sick days, donations, gifts….people reaching out to help from friends & family to strangers. We are so grateful to everyone! I have to add a HUGE thank you to Centennial Elementary (where I teach) for all their support this year including many donated sick days!
Robbie has a rough road ahead as his body recovers from chemo and his leg gets therapy to become functional, but we are thankful that he is currently cancer free!! Osteosarcoma is aggressive, so he will be checked every three months with prayers that it doesn’t return.  
Thank you!!
Much Love,
The Mudroch Family

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What good news! Your family will continue in my prayers. Thank you for the update.


  2. Thank you! We really appreciate your support.


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