More Hearing Tests 7/25/16

Robbie was in the sound proof room while they tested and re-tested his hearing using various methods. They have very sweet audiologists at Hearts for Hearing. They agree with our ENT that he needs hearing aids. They recommend Resound, which will work with his phone too. Robbie likes the blue ones. They should also help…

Looking for a local Orthopedic Doctor 7/24/16

We are looking for a local orthopedic doctor for Robbie. Sounds simple..a large number of Dr’s in the Oklahoma City Metro. The problem I’m running into is once you mention cancer and his leg surgery, no one will take him. One Dr (that our family Dr recommended) told his secretary to tell me that he…

Robbie is Using the Uber App 7/22/16

We taught Robbie how to use the Uber app to get rides today. He wasn’t excited about learning, but he got to and from PT & OT on his own today.  I have to attend a reading training all next week during the day, so he needs a way to get there and back. It…

Trying on Hearing Aids 7/21/16

Robbie tried on Resound hearing aids today at our ENT’s office. Robbie couldn’t believe how loud everything sounded. They work great! I hated to have him take them off.  We are going to Hearts for Hearing on Monday. 

Hearts for Hearing 7/20/16

Hearts for Hearing was recommended to us as a good place to take Robbie for hearing aids. A few days ago I made an appointment for next week.  A sweet lady from Hearts for hearing called today. They are going to try to help Robbie with part of the cost of his hearing aids. They…

Robbie & Ruth at the Anime Convention 7/16/16

Robbie found a sloth.  They dressed up as Anime characters.  Ruth took Robbie to the Anime convention in Tulsa today. She promised him a few months ago if he would wear his leg brace everyday, that she would take him. They have been sending us pictures all day. 

Oklahoma City Zoo 7/15/16

A sloth in a box. Not as cute as Houston zoo.  Dippin Dots and riding the tram…best idea.  7/15/16 Lynn, Robbie, and I went to the Oklahoma City zoo today. They saw animals and Pokemon characters. Now Robbie is resting until PT. 

Pokemon Go Hunt 7/14/16

7/14/16 Lynn and Robbie walked around downtown Edmond finding Pokemon characters and posing by statues. 

Can you hear me now? 7/13/16

Sloths are mostly deaf. After several rounds of heavy chemo, Robbie is also hard of hearing. The audiologist today confirmed what we already knew, that Robbie sustained major damage to his ears from the chemo treatments. The suspected drug is Cisplatin. He will need hearing aids, so we are looking into different options to get…

Back on the Bike 7/12/16

Robbie went back on his bike today. It was painful at first, but he said his leg did better after awhile. I ran with him for awhile today to give him a push up the hill. Haha. Neighborhood entertainment.  My brother and his wife are here from Wisconsin. They helped him onto the bike.