Just a Bit of Dust 6/30/16

We are so thankful to be home!!!  
We are looking at a layer of dust on everything. It is like our house is frozen in time. We left for a weekend and instead we’ve been gone for 7 months. Christmas pictures on the refrigerator, laundry waiting to be done, unfinished home projects and tools out, expired food…..and dust…lots of dust. We added several boxes and furniture from Houston. It is hard to know where to start. 

It’s Official: We are Moving back to Oklahoma!! 6/27/16

Robbie saw Dr Lin today and he has given us permission to move back to Oklahoma. Robbie will need to continue with physical therapy and there could be future leg surgeries, but for now we are celebrating!! We have started packing and we hope to be back in Edmond by Thursday night! 
We will miss his therapists and Doctors. They are amazing! Here are a few of them. 
Dr Ratan and Robbie

Robbie and Carly (OT) 
Raymond (PT) and Robbie
Amber (PT) and Robbie

Robbie and Caroline (PT) May 2016

Robbie and Raymond in January 2016

Caroline and Robbie February 2016

USS Texas Battleship Tour 6/26/16

Robbie climbed onto the guns to check them out. 
Robbie climbing stairs for the first time. 
Walking around the ship. 

Robbie and Ruth

Nick, Ruth, and Jim climbed the stairs to the upper levels.

Robbie walking with his walker the long trail to the ship. 
USS Texas (BB-35), off New York City, circa 1919

Jim and I took the kids to see the Texas battleship. You can climb all over the ship. We helped Robbie to the first two floors. It was interesting to walk around the ship. Robbie had fun taking pictures, but the combination of Houston heat and a weak body, caused him to crash fairly quickly.

Wonderful Cards! 6/25/16

Robbie is enjoying all the birthday cards!! Thank you for taking the time to write to him!

His sister Ruth and her husband Nick are on their way to Houston today. If Robbie’s doctor appointment goes well on Monday, they are going to help us pack and move back to Oklahoma. We are praying his leg is straight enough to avoid  another surgery. I’ve had a lot of headaches lately….the stress of it all! 

Happy 23rd Birthday, Robbie 6/23/16

Here is a shaky 3 min home movie of Robbie coming home from the hospital. He was 1 day old at St Ann’s hospital in Westerville, Ohio.  Ruth was 8 and Lynn was 5 years old. They had on face paint after playing at our neighbors. There is also a little footage of my dad holding him with my mom talking in the background. Robbie’s cousin Jackie and my sister Terry came too.

Happy 23rd birthday, Robbie! Love you so much! You have a bright future ahead!

Monday Leg Battle 6/20/16

Robbie has the leg brace on tight today. His leg really fights being straight and was bending a lot after last week. He had so much pain in his foot, that his leg started bending again. It is a constant battle! He plans to work hard this week, so his doctor will give him the okay to move home the end of the month. 
He is starting to get birthday cards in the mail. Thank you! You make him smile. 

Happy Father’s Day! 6/19/16

We are in San Antonio visiting Jim’s brother Bob and his wife Edith. Robbie is relaxing today. 

Happy Father’s Day! I was blessed with a wonderful father. He passed away in March 2003 from Cancer. He was kind and very quiet. I grew up on a dairy farm near Platteville, Wisconsin. 
Arnold Graves 2002
Corn Picking contest

Our Family… Christmas 1962. My dad is holding me. 

Family Farm