Dr Lin on Surgery and PT Updates 5/27/16

Dr Lin stopped by to see Robbie today. He explained surgery:
During surgery, Dr Linn nicked Robbie’s inner tendons and stretched them. Next they did a 30 minute manipulation of his leg causing some of the scar tissue to break apart inside his leg. This causes a lot of leg pain. They were able to push the leg all the way straight during surgery.  
Dr Lin decided not to perform the major scar tissue removing surgery yet, since they were able to get his leg straight during the manipulation. We are all praying that this works and Robbie can stand the pain of the brace and PT. 
PT came by two times today and pushed down on his leg trying to keep his leg as straight as possible. It is very painful when they push on his knee. PT also tightened his brace, which ireally hurt him. He will have additional PT the next few weeks. The leg already wants to be a little bent so wearing the brace will be a challenge. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic and wonderful news that Doctor was able to get knee straight without going after major scar tissue yet. Lots of PT left for flexibility and stability, but happy to hear about this dramatic surgical progress. Like Buzz Lightyear, Robbie just jumped “way ahead” in his recovery. Love, prayers, and best wishes to see you home soon. Neighbor – Bill


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