Houston Zoo: Robbie feeds a Sloth! 5/13/16

This sloth is in the main zoo area. She is usually asleep when we visit. 

Robbie and Lynn
We met one of the zoo keepers that takes care of the sloths today. When she found out about Robbie fighting cancer and his love of sloths, she gave us a behind the scenes tour. We can’t post the adorable pictures, but Robbie got to get in the cage with the sloth and feed the sloth grapes and sweet potatoes. He also got to touch an anteater, a snake, and a lizard. Anteaters like yogurt, so that is the treat they received for coming out of their cage to us. Too cute!!
A huge thank you to Sydney from the Houston Zoo for taking us on a private tour and all the wonderful information she shared with us!! Normally you can only visit that area of the zoo during special events. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a wonderful bright spot in your week! You guys deserve it.


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