This too Shall Pass 5/31/16

Jim’s mom used to always say…This too shall pass…  Love and miss her. 

We just got back from PT at MD Anderson. Even with his pain medicine, PT is extremely painful for him and so is wearing the dynamic leg brace. It kills me to see him go through so much pain. 

Sunday Updates 5/29/16

His doctor wants him laying down a lot the next couple weeks and his leg straight. Dr Lin said the first two weeks are critical for the surgery to work. 
I’ve talked Robbie into wearing the killer brace for an hour or two depending on his pain. His leg is already wanting to bend a little again. He will really have to fight the scar tissue and pain to keep his leg from regressing. He is trying hard today, but we have a battle ahead of us to gain a functioning leg. He is tired and understandably wants to baby his painful leg, but I can’t let him do that. 

Dr Lin on Surgery and PT Updates 5/27/16

Dr Lin stopped by to see Robbie today. He explained surgery:
During surgery, Dr Linn nicked Robbie’s inner tendons and stretched them. Next they did a 30 minute manipulation of his leg causing some of the scar tissue to break apart inside his leg. This causes a lot of leg pain. They were able to push the leg all the way straight during surgery.  
Dr Lin decided not to perform the major scar tissue removing surgery yet, since they were able to get his leg straight during the manipulation. We are all praying that this works and Robbie can stand the pain of the brace and PT. 
PT came by two times today and pushed down on his leg trying to keep his leg as straight as possible. It is very painful when they push on his knee. PT also tightened his brace, which ireally hurt him. He will have additional PT the next few weeks. The leg already wants to be a little bent so wearing the brace will be a challenge. 

Friday Morning Update 5/27/16

Robbie is resting after having a painful PT session. They are pushing down hard on his leg to try to keep it straight. 
 Dr Lin just stopped  by and explained the surgery the same as he told us yesterday. He made a couple cuts on the inner tendons and then he did a manipulation by pushing his leg straight while breaking up scar tissue. Dr Lin hopes this works to avoid the more risky surgery  to remove scar tissue from his prosthetic leg. He will also have more PT sessions.
They have his leg strapped in a brace to keep it as straight as possible. The problem is the scar tissue can reform and keep trying to pull the leg into a bending position again. It is going to take a lot of PT and pain for Robbie to work on keeping his leg straight. 
Later: Robbie is awake, had some pain meds, and wearing one of his Velcro chemo shirts. 

Evening Update 5/26/16

We bought him a new jumbo sloth. He is well drugged and sleeping tonight. He was finally moved to a room around 6pm. He is on the same floor and wing as December, so the nurses remember him and have been stopping in to see him. 
Jim and I just get home. We normally take turns spending the night, but he was sound asleep and we were so tired we came home. We also know the nurses and trust them to call us if needed.
It is so hard to see him after surgery again.