X-Rays 4/15/16

Today they took X-rays of his leg to see how it is doing and check for additional cancer. Everything looks good. The darker white is titanium. He has two more rounds of chemo and if all goes well, we will move back home the end of May or mid June. 

You can see his port in the top left. They checked to make sure his cancer didn’t spread to his lungs. Thankfully, the lungs continue to be clear. They check after each round of chemo. 

Robbie has been very tired and has very low white blood count today. He has been weaker sooner this round, which is hard on him. 

New Fence and Gate 4/11/16

 Kenny Arthur with Fivestar Fencing put up a privacy fence and gate between our house and our neighbors this week. When he came to work, our neighbors told him about Robbie. After hearing about Robbie, Kenny decided to donate his work and materials. We are so grateful to him and look forward to seeing the fence when we move back home in a couple months. 

If you need a fence, Fivestar Fencing is located in Oklahoma City.  http://fivestarfenceokc.com

Thank you! 

Chemo: Round 8. 4/10/16

Robbie has round 8 of chemo and round 4 of Methotrexate today. He was an unhappy camper to have to do chemo again! We all had problems sleeping last night. It didn’t help that the people above us had a major screaming fight at 2AM that lasted for an hour. 
Jim and I are hanging out in the waiting room while Robbie has chemo. It is fairly quiet today. 

Leg Cast 4/8/16

Robbie had a long day of appointments! We were at Anderson from 9-2. He got a cast/leg brace made for his leg today. They want to gradually straighten his leg. His leg continues to be frozen at a 45 degree angle. They can heat the cast and change the angle as needed. The picture shows the cast on his leg and also as straight as his leg will go right now. 

Back to the Zoo 4/7/16

Sleeping Sloth


We started the day at Anderson, so Robbie could get a shot to help with his low white blood count. Then I took Robbie back to the zoo. He is very weak, so we only stayed for an hour. The sloth was asleep. We watched the fish and then took pictures of the cute meerkats. 

So far, we have only visited the building closest to the entrance after gift shop. Since the rainforest is our favorite, it works out great. 

The University of Tulsa: Officially Done! 4/6/16

Robbie is finally done with his last class. Although he graduated in December, he had a project left for one class. This professor has a reputation for having most of his students being incomplete when they finish his class. He has been nice to continue working with Robbie, but I worried that he would continue sending back Robbie’s project indefinitely. Robbie turned in his programming project multiple times and has worked many hours over the past few months before he finally got good news today that he is done! 

Houston Zoo 4/5/16

Robbie and I went to the Houston Zoo today. They gave me a teacher discount on the family pass. Luckily the rainforest building is near the entrance. 
Robbie had fun taking pictures of the sloth. It was a little challenging to stand on one leg and let go of the walker to take pictures. We plan to go back often now that we have a family pass. This way we can stay for a short visit and not feel bad about not seeing the entire zoo. 

Anderson Updates 4/4/16

Mondays are always busy with long lines of cars. 

Robbie saw Dr Ratan today. He plans 3 more rounds of chemo. He isn’t able to use the combination of chemo drugs that he planned due to Robbie’s continued low blood counts. He is hoping the chemo drug Methotrexate will be strong enough on its own. 

Robbie’s incision has been warm lately, so they plan to check for infection and take additional X-rays.  I told him he needs to come up with a good story…like a shark attack, since he is often asked about his leg.