Thursday 3/10/16

Robbie had OT and PT this morning. He felt really lightheaded and his blood pressure dropped to 88/50. His bloodwork looks as expected after chemo, except for very low white blood count. 

We are very stressed out after another week of chemo. 
Thank you for your prayers. 

Chemo Meds 3/15/16

They are starting the chemo drug Methotrexate this morning. His nurse wears a gown over her clothes when hooking it up. 

The new computer system has slowed the start and is causing a lot of confusion. Every piece of electronic equipment has changed. I’m not sure if coming to the hospital during the implementation of something that impacts all recording systems is optimal timing. The only good thing is free valet parking today, because they are also hooked to the new system. 

Round 6 3/15/16

Robbie is checked in and waiting to start Chemo round 6. We met someone on the elevator that got off with us and helped us to his room. Robbie was in a wheelchair and I also had his walker, pillow, blanket, suitcase, our backpacks, and sloths. 

Jim, Ruth, and Nick are about 3 hrs away.