Happy Easter 3/27/16

We enjoyed Easter with my nephew’s family today. I hope everyone had a wonderful day. We appreciate your support and kindness this year. 
Robbie had bloodwork this morning and the chemo drug is finally out of his system for this round, so we can stop giving him pills every six hours. The concern is damage to his kidneys, so he takes medicine to help protect them. 

Sleeping off Chemo 3/23/16

We got to Anderson early for OT and PT, but Robbie was too tired after having chemo yesterday. We came back to our apartment so he can sleep for a couple hours and then back to Anderson for his noon blood test. Next time we will know to cancel everything for a few days after chemo. 

I woke up every couple hours last night thinking I might sleep through my alarms when he needs medicine. 
Thank you for all your support and prayers. 

Done with Round 7 3/22/16

Waiting for them to disconnect his port or “deport” him as Robbie says. Jim brought his blanket and pillow at lunchtime and stayed the rest of the day with us. After he is home we have to monitor him and give him medicine around the clock. We also have to bring him everyday for the next 8 days straight for bloodwork. I’m a little nervous about keeping track of everything. We need a live in nurse. 🙂

Round 7 3/22/16

Robbie has started chemo round 7 at MD Anderson in Houston. Dr Ratan plans to do 4 more rounds of chemo, which is also what he told us in January…so it is hard to know. 

 We are in a tiny room the size of a closet. They are trying out-patient this time. We will be here for 4 or 5 hrs then take him to go get bloodwork done. We brought a few sloths, but I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I didn’t bring his sloth pillow and soft blanket. 

They just paged Dr Who. Haha. 

Columbus Ohio Zoo 3/17/16

Robbie relieved gifts from the Columbus, Ohio Zoo all signed by Jack Hanna to Robbie. He was very excited! His Uncle Bob and Aunt Edith wrote to the zoo and told them about Robbie. We really appreciate Jack Hanna and the zoo staff for sending him the gifts. Jack wrote a note to Robbie that said ….”I love sloths too”….

Robbie doesn’t remember, but we used to have a zoo membership every year to the Columbus Zoo.  I took the kids there all the time when we lived in Westerville, OH.