Family & New Address 2/15/16

I’ve had a few people ask for our Houston address so they can send cards to Robbie. 

Our address while we are in Houston is:

8181 El Mundo Street #605
Houston, TX. 77054
We will have a full apartment tonight. Ruth and Nick are here. They brought down our clothes and other items that fit in their car. Lynn had a lay over in Houston and just called to have Jim pick her up. She decided to cancel the rest of her flight due to the flight being overbooked. Robbie is out of the hospital. For those that remember the good old days at Grandma’s house, this is how our apartment looks with people sleeping on air mattresses on the floor. 
Speaking of Grandma…she has been on my mind all day. It has been a year today since we said good bye. I miss my her  so much! She was a wonderful mother and grandma. 
My mother and I
My mother with her twin brothers. She also had 5 other brothers. 

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