Day of Appointments 2/29/16

Robbie and I will be at MD Anderson all day today. Two appointments down, three to go. We won’t be done until 5:00pm. 

Dr Ratan wants to start chemo again on Wed. He isn’t sure how many more rounds of chemo, but his team is thinking 4 or more. 
Robbie and I are trying to find a quiet spot to hang out. 

Numbers Went Up 2/24/16

Robbie’s blood count went up today, so he doesn’t have to have blood taken again until next Monday. Yay!  His platelets and white blood count are still low, but slowly inching up. 
He is having a great day. He got a gyro from a food truck and ice cream from 
Baskin-Robbins. He wanted to try something different. 

Tuesday Morning Updated 2/23/16

Done with bloodwork and waiting for Jim to pick us up. They will call this afternoon with the results. 
3:00 They just called with his results and his counts went down slightly from yesterday, which was a disappointment. Praying for better results tomorrow. He has slept most of the day today. 
Robbie showing off his flexibility skills. This is how he puts his shoe on his surgery leg. 

Early Morning 2/21/16

Robbie is very tired hanging out at MD Anderson this morning. Getting there by 7:30 AM, made for an early morning.  His platelets stayed the same today at 39,000. Normal is between 150,000 and 450,000. White blood counts dropped again. We are hoping since the platelets stayed the same that they will start going back up tomorrow. 

We’d like to find a church to attend while we are in Houston. If anyone has suggestions, let us know. 

Saturday Blood Tests 2/20/16

It is quiet at MD Anderson on Saturday morning. 
Robbie humor: The nurse said… I’m here to “draw” your blood. Robbie said…You are going to “draw” pictures of my blood? 🙂 The nurses love him. His blood counts took another jump down. I’m praying they start to swing back up. More blood tests tomorrow. 
This is the entrance to our apartment complex. 
Inside our apartment. Table and chairs we borrowed from a friend of Sarah’s. Her friend co-wrote a book about cancer. 

OT and PT 2/19/16

Robbie met with OT and PT today. They are very sweet and the one lady told him to take his pain meds before coming because she is going to work hard with his leg to get it working again. He will start going three times a week two hours per visit. 
During his bloodwork this morning, all the ladies were fussing over him afraid he might pass out again. I made Jim come with us too. It all went well except his white blood count and platelets have dropped again, so now he has to have bloodwork everyday. I’m praying his numbers start going back up, so we can avoid the ER and hospital this weekend. 

Fainting 2/16/16

Robbie had appointments at MD Anderson today. It is nice to be only 2 miles away now! He started with bloodwork, which he has had done dozens of times without problems, but today after they were done, he kept fainting. They got so excited they rushed him to the ER to get checked out. Nothing beyond low blood pressure and low blood counts, which we knew already. 

Then he went to a new doctor that specializes in bone marrow problems. He didn’t find anything significant in his bone marrow biopsy and he thinks all the problems are due to the heavy chemo he has taken. They were worried about other cancers or disorders. We will follow up when he finishes treatment and they will come up with a plan of what to do. 
Ruth, Nick, and Lynn took off to return to Tulsa today. It is hard to know that we will be apart for awhile. I’m sure they will travel down again. It is just not the same as being less than 2 hours away. 

Chemo at MD Anderson 2/10/16

We just arrived at MD Anderson for Robbie to start round 5 of chemo. We are praying he doesn’t get as sick as he has in the past. They are going to try a drug that isn’t as harsh on his bone marrow since his numbers are still low. 
We have some leads for housing and hopefully we will figure it out this week. Friends and family have all been helping us look. I almost cried when a sweet lady named Margaret called today, since I’ve been thinking of my mom all week and her name was Margaret. I was just thinking that I wish she was here and then Margaret called.