Morning Dr Appointment 1/13/16

Waiting to see the plastic surgeon. They have great fish tanks at Anderson.  I’m hoping we get the green light to travel. Will update later. 

Lynn is Heading Home 1/12/16

Lynn just left for Oklahoma in our car. We rented a van to take Robbie back. He has appointments this week and hopefully we will get permission to leave on Thursday. We are all ready to be home!  I really appreciate all Lynn’s help. We sent along a couple sloths to keep her company. Keep her…

Monday Afternoon 1/11/16

Robbie is finally out of the hospital and relaxing at the hotel. He got more cards today including a card from one of my mother’s friends. So sweet.  We met with Dr Ratan and Robbie will have 4 more rounds of chemo.  

Last Day in the Hospital 1/11/16

Robbie is being released from the hospital today. He is very limited on what he is allowed to do with his leg until it heals. He has Dr appointments today and Wed. Then we hope to get permission to leave town.  He didn’t get much sleep last night so he is very tired!

Sunday Morning (leg- without bandage) 1/10/16

He slept a lot on Saturday and played on his computer.  Lynn reports that he had a good night and was only awake a couple times. His leg is looking better and he is down to one drain. He might get out of the hospital on Monday, but I’m not sure when he will be…

Great News 1/8/16

Great news. Robbie’s tumor that they removed from his leg showed 98 percent necrosis  (cell death of cancer) This means the tumor they removed has responded well to the chemo. He will still need to do a few more rounds of chemo, but we are thankful it is working.  We will learn more when we…

New Sloth 1/7/16

The nurse that had him in the recovery room after surgery gave him a new sloth today. She really made his day!