Tuesday 1/19/16

Robbie had a quiet day today. His leg is really bugging him. I still need to change his bandage today, which is one of my least favorite things to do for him.

He told me today that when I get old, he will take care of me, so I don’t have to go to a nursing home like grandma.

8 thoughts on “Tuesday 1/19/16

  1. You are not a nurse so don't feel bad. I had a hard time changing my mom's dressings when she had wounds…. The hospital should have offered you that option i think. They would not be able to come every day, but maybe 2 times a week. That would help you out plus keep an eye on the skin graft area.


  2. Lynn was at our house when my wife's C-section opened up 3 years ago, and the home health nurse she had was a great help for the next month! You'd still get to help a lot and then take over once the healing has progressed substantially. You could also ask about a 'wound vac', it keeps suction on the would so fluids come out and, ideally, no infectious stuff gets in. [my wife used one and it helps speed up the healing process they said]


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