Robbie and his Siblings 1/30/16

Nick (Ruth’s husband), Ruth, Robbie, and Lynn. (Lynn is holding him up for the picture)

Robbie’s siblings came to visit him and their Aunt Anne today. His cute shirt is from a friend in Tulsa. When you lift it up, it has a cute sloth face. 
Later today, some of his friends from TU are coming to see him. He is having a good day except the leg brace is really bothering him. We are working on getting a different brace that fits better. 

First English Lutheran Church 1/31/16

Robbie has received some cards from my mom’s friends at First English Lutheran Church in Platteville, WI. I love this church and all the families. Many great memories growing up! My mother sewed dolls for missions until she became too frail. I miss her greatly. 

Some of the dolls my mother made. 

First English Lutheran Church. It is comforting to know that they are all praying for Robbie. 

No Chemo Today 1/26/16

Robbie’s blood counts continue to be very low and even dropped lower than last week, so no chemo this week. They will recheck next week and if they are still low, MD Anderson will change the next chemo drugs. His body is still trying to recover from the first 4 rounds of chemo and leg surgery. Keep praying for his recovery. 

Good news is that his leg gets another week to heal. Also, once this starts up again, we know he will be in the hospital a lot. We had all our gear packed including a suitcase of sloths. 

Saturday 1/23/16

7:30 pm 

Robbie had a good day.  It continues to be a challenge to get his leg comfortable, but his incision looks a little better each day. He had another friend from TU visiting today, which was nice. It really lifts his spirits to see his friends.


He is having a lot of leg pain tonight. I’m praying that his pain meds kick in soon. I hate to see him in so much pain. 

Navico 1/22/16

He has interned with Navico in Tulsa the last couple years. They wanted a picture in his Navico shirt so they can photoshop him into the group picture. They are ready for him to work for them when he is done with treatment. They have been so good to him!
As more feeling comes back in his leg, he also has more pain, so he spent more time resting in his bed today. 
One of our sweet neighbors brought over some of Robbie’s favorite foods tonight. So thoughtful! We are so lucky to have many wonderful neighbors.