Robbie’s College Graduation 12/19/15

It is graduation day at TU. (The University of Tulsa). Robbie isn’t well enough to to attend today. He has a few assignments left for one class, but everything else is complete. His friend sent him a picture of the program

We will celebrate when he feels better. We are so proud of him. He has really enjoyed college at TU. His friends & professors have been very supportive since he has been sick.  
#universityoftulsa #TU

Opening Mail 12/17/15

Robbie received some sweet cards and a new stuffed animal for his collection. Thank you for making his day! 

He feels better and is eating again, but his numbers aren’t coming up yet. I am hopeful they will start going up soon. 
Meanwhile, we are planning our month trip to MD Anderson in Houston. We had hoped to fix our older minivan to make the trip back easier on Robbie, but it needs too much work. We even thought about flying him back, but since his leg will be straight, I don’t think that will work either. Looks like he will have to spread out in the backseat of our Honda CR-V. 
Thanks again for sending cards. 

Monday Afternoon Update 12/14/15

His blood counts continue to drop, so he will get a blood transfusion, unit of platelets, and another shot. Hopefully that will help him to feel better. 

His fever is better, but his mouth is worse making it hard to swallow. The nutritionist feels he is malnourished due to his steady decline in weight. He has always been thin and being sick this year hasn’t helped. 
Lynn is coming home tonight to help. 
Thank you for your prayers.