Thank you! 12/25/15

Robbie 1995 

We are so thankful for all the kindness and support for Robbie. 

We are often asked ways to help Robbie. 
1. Prayers. We are grateful to everyone praying including several churches. 
2. Cards: They really brighten his day. You can email me for our address.
3. Robbie loves sloths. He also likes: Green Bay Packers, Pokemon, and Star Wars. He can have a terrible day and then a package arrives and he smiles. 
4. Our friend Brittany has started a gofundme page for Robbie’s cancer fight. I feel like there are many people more worthy than us, but if this is an area you want to help with, the link is below. 
We hope you have a Happy Holiday and a blessed New Year.
Thank you,
The Mudroch Family

Robbie and Lynn

Robbie is wearing a new sloth sweater from our friend Jann. 

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