Wed Updates 1:30, 4:30. 12/30/15

1:30 update:

Holding all food and drinks incase they need to take him back for surgery. Still no feeling or ability to move his right foot. 

He was able to move it last night. 
4:30 update
Dr Lin was just here. Robbie has a slight movement in his toes. Can’t see it so not great…but a start. Allowing him to eat if he wants. Still monitoring him and he will check back tomorrow. Hoping he can avoid another surgery.  

Wednesday at MD Anderson 12/30/15

Robbie is alert and was able to eat a little breakfast. They woke him every 30 minutes last night.

They have his pain controlled with a button he can push hooked to an eperdural in his back. 

His Plastic surgeon stopped by. Robbie doesn’t have much feeling in his foot yet so they are watching that. He has a pulse and good color to his foot. Everything else is expected. He has three drains hooked to his leg, which I’m trying to ignore.   
PT stopped by and will probably start tomorrow. 
Jim is sick and thinks he has a sinus infection. He is trying to find an urgent care to go to and we are keeping him away from Robbie. Really bad timing. 
Thank you for your prayers. 

Refresh for Updates, 2:30. 4:00, 6:00, 8:00, 10:00. 12/29/15

I will post updates on this post as they come out to talk to us. 
Noon update
First incision at 11:30. So far he is doing well. 
2:30 update
The orthopedic surgeon is putting in the titanium prosthesis and he also did a  biopsy of some soft tissue to send to the lab to see if the cancer spread from the bones into his tissue. Robbie’s vitals are good. The plastic surgeon has been paged and she will take another 3 hours after she starts. They expect Dr Lin to come and update us within the next hour. 
4:00 Update
Dr Lin is still working on putting the titanium prosthesis in Robbie’s leg. The plastic surgeon is getting his thigh ready to take skin to use for a skin graft on his leg. 
6:00 Update
We just met with Dr Lin
Robbie’s prosthesis is cemented in place and his leg muscle has been moved to the front of his leg. He needed multiple units of blood and platelets during surgery. 
The incision is mostly closed except the biopsy area which needs the skin graft completed. 
Dr Lin said visually the tumor looks like it has had good response to chemo, but we won’t get the pathology results for 3 weeks. He expects Robbie to rest a lot the next few days. His leg will need a brace when he is allowed to walk again, but it is sturdy enough to bare weight now. The big thing is to heal the incision and watch his blood counts and watch for infection. He will probably need more units of blood and platelets this week. 
They hope he will be in the recovery room in an hour. 
8:00 in the recovery room. 
He is still in the recovery room. They are waiting for Dr Linn to come back to the hospital. Robbie has a very weak pulse in his right foot and not much feeling. This is the leg that had surgery. Lynn is staying with him. Jim and I are returning to the hotel. Jim is getting a bad cold.

Surgery Scheduled for Tuesday December 29th. 12/28/15

Robbie’s surgery is scheduled for 9:30AM Tuesday. Dr Lin expects surgery to last 7 or more hours depending on how it goes and what all they decide to do. 

They plan to replace his knee and remove 14cm or more of his tibia. They will also remove the area and incision from his biopsy. The plastic surgeon will do any skin grafts if needed and work with Dr Lin on closing the incision. In addition they plan to move his leg muscle to the front of his leg. 

Thank you for your prayers. 

More Appointments 12/28/15

Robbie has a full day of appointments at MD Anderson. 6AM- 3:30. 

9:15 update
We just saw the results from Robbie’s PET scan(full body bone scan). It shows good reduction in his cancer and no additional cancer. This cancer often spreads to the lungs, so we are very thankful that Robbie’s lungs continue to be clear!
Filling out forms…Do you need oxygen?  

Thank you! 12/25/15

Robbie 1995 

We are so thankful for all the kindness and support for Robbie. 

We are often asked ways to help Robbie. 
1. Prayers. We are grateful to everyone praying including several churches. 
2. Cards: They really brighten his day. You can email me for our address.
3. Robbie loves sloths. He also likes: Green Bay Packers, Pokemon, and Star Wars. He can have a terrible day and then a package arrives and he smiles. 
4. Our friend Brittany has started a gofundme page for Robbie’s cancer fight. I feel like there are many people more worthy than us, but if this is an area you want to help with, the link is below. 
We hope you have a Happy Holiday and a blessed New Year.
Thank you,
The Mudroch Family

Robbie and Lynn

Robbie is wearing a new sloth sweater from our friend Jann. 

At MD Anderson 12/21/15

Arrived for Robbie’s bloodwork appointment. The room, hallways and adjoining rooms are stuffed with people. The expected wait is an hour. I wouldn’t want to take bets on that. 

There is a young teenage boy taking care of his grandpa that is in a wheelchair. He is tuned into his headphones, but whenever his grandpa needs him, he stops and helps him out. So sweet!