Tuesday Evening Updates 11/24/15

Robbie’s day is better than yesterday. He is still running a low grade fever on tylenol. He received a unit of platelets and a unit of blood today. His white blood count is still low and he has terrible sores in his mouth due to the chemo. This is making it difficult to eat, so he has only had a few bites to eat today and a little to drink. 

The doctor is not sure what day he will be able to go home. He has to have no fever and a higher white blood count. He is supposed to do chemo again next week, but It will all depend on how he is doing. 

Robbie said he is gaining some of his strength back which is good news, but he doesn’t feel strong enough for walking yet.  
We had Jennifer again as his nurse today. She is excellent.
Our neighbors worked on our yard today. So sweet of them. 

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