Admitted to Hospital 11/22/15

Robbie is being admitted to the hospital. His blood counts are very low, fever, and very sore throat. They want to hook him up to IV antibiotics and fluids. Also a shot to help white blood count. He feels very sick and freezing cold. 

His doctor just called and they are also going to give him another blood transfusion. 
Keep praying. 
8:30PM update: they tried twice to access his port without using the numbing cream first.  Very painful for Robbie. They plan to try again later and numb the area first. Poor Robbie is miserable. Jim is there tonight. 
10PM update: he has pain meds and they got the port working. He is resting. 
We are thankful to have a close family friend visiting for the week. Karen is like a 2nd mother. 

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  1. Continued prayers for Robbie and for all of you. So glad to read he is resting now.


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