Ice Storm 11/28/15

Ice storm last night in Oklahoma. Our gas line was broke and was leaking gas, so we had to get out of our house in the freezing cold with Robbie while they shut off the gas. Several large branches down in our yard and all over town. 
We are back in our house now using an electric space heater until the gas line is fixed. 
1:00 Update: our neighbors called the gas company and told them it was a medical emergency for Robbie to have heat, so our gas line has been fixed. So sweet of them. 

Tuesday Evening Updates 11/24/15

Robbie’s day is better than yesterday. He is still running a low grade fever on tylenol. He received a unit of platelets and a unit of blood today. His white blood count is still low and he has terrible sores in his mouth due to the chemo. This is making it difficult to eat, so he has only had a few bites to eat today and a little to drink. 

The doctor is not sure what day he will be able to go home. He has to have no fever and a higher white blood count. He is supposed to do chemo again next week, but It will all depend on how he is doing. 

Robbie said he is gaining some of his strength back which is good news, but he doesn’t feel strong enough for walking yet.  
We had Jennifer again as his nurse today. She is excellent.
Our neighbors worked on our yard today. So sweet of them. 

11:30 update 11/24/15

Robbie is receiving a couple units of blood this morning. One unit is almost done, then he will receive a bag of antibiotics, followed by another unit of blood.

His blood pressure is better and his pulse is down to 105, which is better than yesterday, which was 130. Blood counts are slightly better. Temp with Tylenol is 99. Very very weak. 
Robbie knows I hate the sight of blood, so he joked…don’t worry mom, they are giving me ketchup by IV. 
He is having a little bit of Panera bread and soup this morning. 

Monday Night 11/23/15

Robbie had a rough day. This evening his fever is better with Tylenol, but starting to go back up. He is weak, cold, and doesn’t feel very good. 

His blood pressure is really low tonight. 88/56. He had a great nurse today! 
He had IV antibiotics and fluids all day. 

Lynn is taking over for the night. I’m praying his white blood count will start coming back up over night. It is hard to see him so sick. Tears

Thank you for all the support and prayers. 

Noon update 11/23/15

He continues to run a fever which has gone up now to 102.6 and he has been freezing cold and shivering. They gave him a warm blanket and I finally got into his bed and held him to stop his shivering. The nurse is going to call the dr again. 

They also gave him a Neupogen Injection to help with his low white blood count. 

The white on his face is sunlight coming through the blinds. 

Monday AM 11/23/15

He is still running a fever. His doctor just stopped in and Robbie’s white blood count is still very low. They are continuing to give him IV antibiotics and fluids. He is sleeping. I hate seeing him so sick. 

Karen Merckx is with me at the hospital and Jim is going to work. 

Admitted to Hospital 11/22/15

Robbie is being admitted to the hospital. His blood counts are very low, fever, and very sore throat. They want to hook him up to IV antibiotics and fluids. Also a shot to help white blood count. He feels very sick and freezing cold. 

His doctor just called and they are also going to give him another blood transfusion. 
Keep praying. 
8:30PM update: they tried twice to access his port without using the numbing cream first.  Very painful for Robbie. They plan to try again later and numb the area first. Poor Robbie is miserable. Jim is there tonight. 
10PM update: he has pain meds and they got the port working. He is resting. 
We are thankful to have a close family friend visiting for the week. Karen is like a 2nd mother.