Sister Time 10/17/16

Lynn took Robbie out to Pops yesterday and for tea & treats today.  He is starting to loose his hair on the sides and back in little patches. 

New Sloth and Sloth Calendar Today 10/16/15

Friends from Ohio sent a sloth and sloth calendar today. Robbie was so surprised! Very sweet!  We lived in Westerville, OH for 10 years. We moved when Robbie was 4 months to Iowa and we moved to Oklahoma when he was 10.  Nice addition to his sloth family. Biggest smile this week when he opened…

Cards 10/13/15

Thank you for sending cards to Robbie. It really helps to lift his spirits. If you would like our address, send me an email.  He also enjoys the sloths. He calls them his sloth army against cancer. He liked seeing them in the rain forest last May and he is currently moving like a…

Monday 10/12/15

The Neupogen injection on Friday really helped. Robbie’s white blood count is closer to normal. Platelets and red blood cells are still extremely low, but we will take whatever gains we can get.  Spent the morning at the doctors. This time we came with things to do. I need to remember that there isn’t such a…

Great Day 10/11/15

Robbie is having another great day. We watched the Packers win. Go Pack Go!! He has spent the rest of the day reading a book he ordered using an Amazon gift card from a friend. 

Sunday Morning 10/11/15

Saturday was a great day. So nice to have his pain under control. He is still sleeping this morning. I pray that he has another good day.  We bought an electric bed for him with a comfy mattress. We hope this helps at night and it will be very useful when he has leg surgery….

Best Dentist and Staff 10/7/15

We have the best dentist! Someone from his office stopped by today with a sweet card for Robbie and prescription suckers for his mouth pain. Dr Eliot and his staff are the best!  Robbie really appreciated help for his mouth sores and he couldn’t believe they took the time to come to our house. 

Opening Cards 10/5/15

1:00 Robbie is having a better day. He is enjoying the cards he got today including a drawing from little Vivian. It really brightened his day! We are trying new meds for his stomach. 6:00 We are enjoying a wonderful supper tonight thanks to friends at work. Xxxooo’s

Texting in the Night 10/5/15

His stomach continues to cause him a lot of pain. I’ll call the doctor office later to see if they have any suggestions. It is making it hard for him to sleep or eat.  Our phones work great for communication in the night.  He can send me a text and if I don’t wake up,…

Evening Post 10/2/15

Poor guy just can’t get comfortable today. He hurts everywhere and is miserable. I’m not sure what else to do for him. We’ve covered all the meds and mouth washes. I’m praying he can fall asleep soon for the night.Ruth is bringing a wheelchair from my Uncle Don tomorrow. She went with Nick last weekend…