Lemon Bars 10/30/15

My sweet hairdresser trimmed off the little hair patches that he had left today.

I took him to the doctor today and while we waited, some older people were chatting with each other in great detail about their surgeries and showing off their scars. I made Robbie move across the room with me before I got sick! This is why I teach for a living. 🙂

He had blood work today, which he hated because it took three attempts and a second nurse to finally accomplish what they needed.  He didn’t feel very good for the rest of the afternoon.

This evening we made my mom’s lemon bars recipe and a kind friend brought by supper.

Resting Today 10/27/15

Robbie rested today, worked on homework, and played on his computer. He didn’t have the energy to go anywhere, but overall is doing better than last time after chemo. 
I deleted several posts because one of my kids told me the blog is too depressing. Cancer is depressing!  Our days are up and down.  
I am thankful to have a great team and sub that have taken over my class this year, so I can be home with Robbie. They are also stopping by with food, which is so sweet! Xxxooo’s  

Trip to the Park 10/26/15

We went to the park today and watched the ducks on the lake. 
Robbie said…now we can see what the “stay at home” moms do with their kids. Haha. 
It is beautiful outside today. Robbie is weak but enjoyed being outside. 

The best part of this year is spending time together. 

Life in the Hospital 10/22/15

We are thankful for the many kind and caring people taking care of our son. I really like his Dr and his personal nurse from their office. 
Still hospital life can make you nuts. My head has been pounding all week and I’m sure even if someone could walk on water, I would be unhappy!

Robbie has two additional nausea meds, which are helpful. They wait to order them until I ask and then wait on the pharmacy and then wait to remember we asked.  Meanwhile Robbie is miserable. I’m not good at waiting. 

Across the hall an older lady arrived yesterday. She doesn’t know how to use the nurse button, so instead she yells from her bed. We are at the end of the hall. She yells..help me…someone help me. Over and over. Like a bad horror movie. I checked on her the first time thinking she was dying and she only wanted someone to know her IV was beeping.  30 minutes later she starts in again..help me …help me. This time she wanted her head up a couple inches. 
This is why so many murder mysteries include hospitals. 

Sleeping away the Afternoon 10/19/15

So far things are starting out smoother and they have addressed most of our concerns. Robbie’s leg is so much better.
I hate to put him through a couple weeks of misery again. Jim and I were both awake most of the night worrying about him. 
Thankful to friends and neighbors stopping by with food. It is so thoughtful. I need to be better at sending food to people when Robbie is better.