Tests and More Tests 9/15/15

We were at MD Anderson from 8AM until  5:30PM. Very long day of testing for Robbie and he wasn’t allowed any food.
They repeated all tests done in OKC and additional tests. He has had every inch scanned and re-scanned by various machines. He passed out once and also had one very painful MRI. We changed techs and added pain meds and had no problems with new tech. Seriously…the next person that tries to straighten his bad leg will meet his hysterical mother. 
We took turns staying in the noisy waiting rooms while the rest would go to a quiet area until they would call for him. 
I met a couple guys with their father that I chatted with for a long time in the afternoon. They were from out east. I teased them that they were good therapists and they laughed because that is what one of them does for a living. 

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