Tuesday Morning 9/29/15

Robbie is hooked up to chemo around the clock until Friday. So far the nausea medicine is working. Other than being tired from being checked on frequently in the night, he is doing okay. They might do another echo of his heart today. 
He got the sloth from Ruth at the zoo. Jim took over last night so I could go home. Lynn is home for a couple days taking turns at the hospital too. 

In the Recovery Room 9/24/15

Robbie is in the recovery room after getting a port put in his chest. He hates to have things touch him, so I hope the port doesn’t bother him too much.

He was understandably nervous today, so they gave him some Valium before surgery. They should have given Jim and I some too! 

They said we can take him home around 2:00 today. He is doing well, just very tired from all the meds. 

Tulsa Zoo 9/23/15

Ruth & Robbie….Watching the sea lion

My daughter Ruth talked us into coming to the Tulsa Zoo today. She is the marketing director for the zoo. We had a great day visiting with Ruth and seeing some of the zoo animals.

They let Robbie use an electric wheelchair. The zoo gets 5 stars for being very accessible. They have ramps everywhere. We also met one of the zoo staff that has been on the Ninja Warrior show. 

Waiting and Waiting 9/21/15

I’m having a hard time waiting and waiting for our local doctor office to get Robbie’s treatment started. He would have started last week, if we had stayed in Houston, so I hope we didn’t make a mistake to have treatment in OKC.

We called them from MD Anderson last week and the doctors have talked with each other. Today Jim called to see what was taking so long and they said….well…we lost the chemo orders from Anderson.

I just sent them another copy, but this doesn’t make me feel very confident. The doctor is great, so I’m hoping his office staff starts moving.  This just adds to our stress!

Centennial Elementary 9/21/15

Robbie is using his new soft blanket from the staff at Centennial. He is reading and looking at pictures that my class and  their Kindergarten buddies made. He smiled when he saw the gift basket and laughed at the drawings from the students. 

A big thank you to the Centennial Staff. 
Robbie loves the gifts you sent!
Miss you all! We love our Centennial family.