Grief Yoga 9/16/21

My virtual grief group had a guest tonight that led us through one of his grief yoga sessions. He is Paul Denniston, the creator of grief yoga. After an hour, I am so relaxed and also feel like I have been to a church service. Very touching as he talked, played quiet music, and led…

Childhood Cancer Awareness: Entire Family is Impacted 9/4/21

Childhood Cancer Facts:Cancer impacts the entire family.  Robbie’s sisters slept on hospital floors, chairs, and the pull out beds to be by his side. Actually anyone that spent the night with Robbie had almost no sleep, since he needed constant monitoring, blood work, medicine bags beeped to be changed…it was a three ring circus at…

Go Gold For Childhood Cancer Awareness 9/2/21

Go Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. For September, please change your profile frame and Go Gold for Childhood Cancer. Also share childhood cancer facts during September. Currently childhood cancer only receives 4% of the available cancer founding. Much more research is needed to save our children.

6 Years 8/27/21

This day will always stand out. It was supposed to be a quick visit for a 2nd opinion, because the first orthopedic specialist told us not to worry told us not to worry about Robbie’s leg. Instead we learned that Robbie probably had bone cancer, which was confirmed a few days later. I remember thinking,…

Museum 4 years ago 8/22/21

Many good memories visiting the museum together. The one nice thing about our apartment in Houston was the location near all the museums.

39th Anniversary 8/14/21

It is our Anniversary today. It is hard to believe it has been 39 years. We have lived in Wisconsin Ohio, Iowa, Oklahoma, and currently Texas. We are blessed with two beautiful girls and sweet Robbie. We look forward to the day that we are altogether again. ❤

The Ups and Downs of Grief 8/10/21

The last few weeks have gone well, but the stress of kicking off the new school year is tough. Robbie used to always help me get my classroom ready and frequently asked about my students. I was sad all day thinking of him and wishing it could be different. ❤ When the waves of grief…

Honoring Robbie 8/1/21

In grief training, David Kessler said, he learned when you lose a child at some point you are going to hit rock bottom and then you have to make a decision if you are going to keep living. Wow! So true! I am not going to jump off a bridge, but I am often just…

Fun with Sloths 7/25/21

Robbie’s sloths received a lot of love when my great nieces visited. Every sloth got carried around, danced with, arranged for pictures, and hugged! It was so cute to see and I am sure Robbie would have enjoyed watching them too.

Guilt and Grief 7/12/21

As I go through the grief training, the latest video is on grief and guilt. The major point that I took away from the training is that we can’t take our “current knowledge” back and make ourselves feel guilty for something we didn’t know at the time. I like this idea because it goes along…