Butterflies 6/13/21

We went to the Butterfly Center today. It was one of Robbie’s favorite places to go. It is 10 days until his next birthday. #forever25 <3. I’ll never forget the day he was born. Ruth was 8 and Lynn was 5. They loved feeding him bottles and holding him. I still have his first outfits…

Oklahoma Trip 6/7/21

We spent a week in Oklahoma with our girls. It was wonderful to see them. It always brightens my mood to be with them. We went to the zoo where Ruth works, visited Pioneer Woman’s store and a movie set, and a couple state parks. Always missing Robbie. ❤

Sloth Project 4 Years ago today 5/24/21

In May 2017, Robbie asked if we could give sloths to kids with cancer. I looked online and found a sock sloth pattern and showed him how to sew. They aren’t the cutest, but it was a great project. Friends donated some of the socks and materials and we made close to 100 sloths for…

Lynn & Robbie 6 years ago today 5/20/21

In this picture, Robbie was still recovering from his leg surgery and needed a wheelchair or walker to get around. He was so weak from a year of treatments that most of the time we were using his wheelchair at that point. He also had another leg surgery to try to straighten out his leg….

Happy Mother’s Day 5/9/21

Happy Mother’s day! All great women in my life. My mother’s mom passed away when I was 4, but I still remember how kind she was. My dad’s mom lived until I was a senior in HS. She was kind, quiet, and loved books. I still have a couple children books that she gave me…

Zoo Day 5/2/21

My husband and I enjoyed a peaceful afternoon at the Houston Zoo. I always think of Robbie when we are at the zoo. I can picture him with his camera having fun taking pictures. He would have enjoyed the new baby elephant and the new sloth on display.

Virtual Grief Group 4/28/21

I decided to try something new, so I joined a virtual grief group run by a grief author that I like. He has online grief courses, weekly zoom meetings, message boards, and various grief resources for a monthly cost. I am going to try it for a month and see how it goes. I am…

Wisconsin! 4/18/21

We are finally planning a trip to Wisconsin after COVID prevented our travel last summer. I never realized when we put Robbie by my parents how difficult it would be to not be able to visit his grave. If all goes well, we will be there for his birthday and then go off the grid…

4 Years ago Lynn and Robbie 4/16/21

4 years ago today, Lynn and Robbie had fun playing with his new camera. They were shooting pictures and then running back to the camera to look at them. Fun memories ❤️ I really miss seeing the kids happy and laughing together. It still seems like Robbie should walk through our front door.