College Visit brings back Memories 5/15/22

The boy we met on the cancer walk during spring break is a Junior in high school and is interested in looking at colleges, so we took him on a college visit yesterday. As we arrived and talked with the Dean about what he would need to be able to apply to college, I was…

Mother’s Day 2022

I spent a couple hours on Mother’s Day going through pictures Robbie had posted online. He posted several while in high school that I don’t remember seeing.

Sloths 5/4/22

Seven years ago today, Robbie saw his first sloth in Costa Rica. This sloth was living in a national park called Manuel Antonio. A few months later, when Robbie got sick, one of his sisters said…Sloths Cure Cancer. Then his sloth collection started, which he really enjoyed.

Greiving 5/2/22

I have been grieving my parents lately and always grieving for Robbie. I miss talking to my mom every day. She was a good listener and had advice on everything. She passed away in 2015, a few months before Robbie got sick. Hearing her voice was always calming. I am not sure why it has…

Social Media 4/26/22

I was lucky when my children were little there wasn’t social media. I hear young people comparing their lives with what they see online and they become depressed that they don’t match up to the illusion that they see online. When Robbie was little he cried a lot each day and night. He rarely napped…

Wonder if We Treated Joy like We Treat Grief? 4/24/22

I saw a blog post for a grief blog that I follow, and she posted the question. Wonder if we were to treat joy like we do grief? When people celebrate, do we ask them if they have tried therapy? Do we ask people experiencing joy why they haven’t gotten over their happiness yet? Do…

Are You Tired? 4/23/22

I like this because I am so tired. Tired of grieving, tired from teaching, tired from so many expectations, and I want to quit everything! I saw this picture this week and felt like it was speaking to me. So many reasons to give up and quit, but I have to keep moving forward. Missing…

Happy Easter 4/15/22

Our kids used to love getting Easter baskets when they were little. I wish I had taken more pictures! Have a wonderful weekend!

The 12th 4/12/22

The 12th always marks another month gone by that we have been apart. It is now three years and two months. It still hits me every day. Robbie was such a sweet boy, and he gave us so much joy.

Honoring Robbie by Writing a Book 4/7/22

I have been given a wonderful opportunity this week. My book proposal was accepted, and I will be writing a book on The Universal Design for Learning to honor Robbie. I am grateful to a sweet friend that encouraged me throughout the process. It took a few months, from an idea and interview to writing…