Last Thanksgiving 2018. 11/21/21

Last Thanksgiving together 2018. I love looking at our children smiling. At the last minute, we were given permission to travel out of state to Tulsa, so we could be together as a family. By then Robbie’s cancer had spread from his leg to his lungs & heart. His Dr. instructed us to stop on…

Grief Writing 11/16/21

I saw this on a grief group that I follow. Interesting way to describe grief. Here is a picture of Robbie from the Houston Museum of Natural Science. We enjoyed seeing the Christmas electric trains.

Taking Pictures of Birds 2017. 11/13/21

Robbie enjoyed taking pictures of the birds at the Houston Zoo. I can remember that day, because he didn’t always have the strength to walk to the bird building. Often, we only went as far as the Natural Encounters building with the sloth. We have some of his bird pictures framed in his old bedroom.

Looking Back at his last holidays 11/2/21

Robbie’s last holiday pictures are starting to pop up on my Google photos. I look at him now and I can see how very sick he was by November. At the time, we were in and out of the ER and hospital at MD Anderson so much that it became our life. We were so…

Museum Shopping 10/31/21

Robbie enjoyed the museum and rarely asked for anything from the museum store, but on this day, he really liked the rock and light, so I bought it for him. He had fun with it and it is something that I kept in his memory.

Painting Pumpkins Memories 10/30/21

Robbie was home between chemo treatments and the girls had this idea to distract him from feeling sick. They had a lot of fun together. Ruth painted Sloths Cure Cancer, which we all started saying since Robbie liked sloths. Wish we could turn back time and somehow save him. ❤

Robbie October 2018

A picture of Robbie in the hospital from 3 years ago. I miss his sweet smile. I haven’t posted much lately. I was waiting to be back on track, but grief in the fall is tough. Fall marks our final months that we were able to do things together. I am thankful for the continued…

Rough Week 9-28/21

It is only Tuesday, yet it has been the longest week this school year! Work is a real balancing act when you teach special ed. Then my grief becomes overwhelming, because I struggle to cope, when I’m stressed out. The crazy thing is that I started the week on a high after presenting again over…

My Dad’s Birthday 9/23/21

My dad would have been 95 today. He was such a kind and gentle man. We lost him a few months after this picture was taken to cancer in 2003.

Grief Yoga 9/16/21

My virtual grief group had a guest tonight that led us through one of his grief yoga sessions. He is Paul Denniston, the creator of grief yoga. After an hour, I am so relaxed and also feel like I have been to a church service. Very touching as he talked, played quiet music, and led…